Next Hitman May Finish Off Entire Franchise

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Hitman is one of the best gaming franchises around and this is due to the unique assassin-style gameplay which it has to offer. Despite being very popular in the industry, some fans have abandoned their support for Hitman due to the repetitive gameplay.

As a result, Hitman is no longer milking big profits for Square Enix and this may see the game developer pulling the plug on the franchise entirely. Square Enix has a strong reputation for producing many great games but they are also a profit-driven company. Hence, if Hitman is not looking to bounce back from its sales slump, the game developer won’t hesitate to axe the series.

We have seen Square Enix doing it before and they may do it again with HItman. But of course, we fully expect Square Enix to launch one final Hitman title before pulling the plug on the series.

While this may sound like a possible outcome, we seriously hope that it won’t be the case because Hitman holds a very special spot in the gaming industry. IO has done a great job in turning Hitman into a massive brand and Square Enix shouldn’t let one blip ruin the occasion.