Nintendo Switch: Backwards Compatibility Is Better Than Xbox One?

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The Nintendo Switch is the newest console in town and it is getting a lot of love from the public. This is evident on the sales front where more Switch has been moved in its debut year than the Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

But unlike the two consoles, the Switch is not a system that is tuned for technical superiority. It is instead made to be unique from the traditional offerings. The Switch is so special that it can get docked at home or turn into a handheld gaming device.

Aside from that, Nintendo has promised to add in old games into the Switch which means that the console is going to be backwards compatible like the Xbox One. However, the Switch aims to do one better and this is through offering old Nintendo classics to the players.

Hackers have confirmed that there is an NES emulator found in the Switch program code and this hints on games from the old NES systems coming to the new generation console. Those classics are decades old and they will push the boundaries of backwards compatibility.