Nintendo Switch Being Held Back By Nintendo?

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The all-new Nintendo Switch is officially sixth month old and it is still selling strong in the market. This cannot be helped as the Switch offers a unique gaming experience through a hybrid console setup.

Furthermore, the Switch is getting more and more multiplatform titles and it can even function as a mobile gaming platform. Despite all these, some are still claiming that the Switch is not hitting its full potential and it is because of Nintendo.

One Switch owner pointed out that he loved the innovations on the system but even with the sophisticated technology, the Switch is lacking built-in-voice support.

The good news here is that there is built-in voice support and it can be found hidden in Splatoon 2 when played on LAN. That brings the next question why is it not made a standard feature?

We don’t know for sure and the absence of voice support on many games suggests that it may have to do with Nintendo. If so, it is very hard to accept since the DS has voice chat and so is Dreamcast.