Nintendo Switch Don’t Need Price Cuts To Beat Xbox One, PS4!

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It’s official. The Nintendo Switch is now the record-holder for being the world’s fastest selling game console in global history. The Switch made its debut about a year ago and Nintendo has moved millions of units in the US alone.

This is at a much faster pace than the Sony PS4 and the Microsoft Xbox One thus painting a positive picture on the Nintendo Switch. It gets more interesting when you realized that the Switch made such an accomplishment without going through a massive price cut.

It came to the surprise of many when the reports confirmed that more Switch got sold during Black Friday 2017 than the Sony PS4 and the Xbox One. The shocking bit is that Nintendo never slashed the MSRP of the Switch throughout the sales period.

Most price cuts applied to the Switch are retailer’s discount and they don’t offset the MSRP by a significant margin. The best we saw was a $20 discount on the Switch being offered by a major retailer.

Gamers want the Switch but they chose to wait for a promotion during Black Friday, something which never happened. In fear of being unable to purchase the Switch due to stock shortages, these folks decided to purchase the Switch during Black Friday but without any promos.