Nintendo Switch Fire Has Only Gotten Bigger

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It’s good to finally hear that Nintendo has found its footing in the console market once more. The Nintendo Switch console has been doing so well that retailers aren’t able to retain stock of the platform for more than a few hours, at least according to GameStop.

During its most recent financial earnings call, the retailer’s COO Tony Bartel stressed on cautious optimism but couldn’t deny that since its launch the Switch has been selling like hot cakes. He believes that the company would be chasing supply for the rest of the year.

As per WCCFTech, GameStop’s top brass is also well aware of the massive boost the Switch has provided the retailer. Its chief executive Paul Raines acknowledges that the system has “provided a dramatic lift in traffic in-store”.

So it seems that Nintendo wasn’t overstating when it said that the Switch is its fastest-selling system to date, and at the moment it doesn’t look like its fire is only going to get bigger. How much do you think the Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio would dampen the sales momentum of Nintendo’s latest success?