Nintendo Switch Is One Tool Away From Complete Destruction!

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The all-new Nintendo Switch is on the right path to become the bestselling console in the world but that does not mean everything is perfect for the hybrid system.

Back in November last year, a hacker posted a video online and it highlighted how he is able to bypass the Switch’s security system. With the backdoor access into the Switch’s mainframe, the hacker is then able to load up homebrew games.

Nintendo has tried to patch this but hackers kept on beating the security restrictions. One hacker was even loud in saying that the days of homebrew will return on the Switch soon enough. All that is left to do is to create a software tool which will allow every Switch owner to break the Switch’s security system and load up homebrew games.

However, Nintendo is not giving up just yet. The relentless effort to patch the 3DS has made the handheld system safe today and it looks like Nintendo will be at work again with the Switch.