Nintendo Switch: More Signs Point To AAA Cross-Platform Compatibility

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The gaming consoles from Nintendo can never be compared to those from Microsoft and Sony, and this is because they are made to be different from the normal offerings. This is proven yet again with the Wii U, which is never made to compete with the Xbox and PlayStation.

The Wii U is made to offer a different gaming experience that requires more than just a controller. The console is also not equipped with the best hardwares and this makes it incompatible with the majority of AAA cross platform titles.

The same can be expected of the upcoming Nintendo Switch when it comes to unique gameplay experience but when it comes to AAA cross-platform titles, we are likely to see the Switch being able to play them.

While Nintendo has not said anything about it yet, several game developers have showed their interest to port some great AAA games onto the Switch. Among them is Bioware which revealed in a Tweet that they won’t mind offering their future AAA titles on the Switch. Bethesda also said something similar after hearing about the potential with the Nintendo Switch.

With such remarks being made by well-known game developers on the Switch, it makes us more excited to see what the hybrid gaming console is capable of. The full details will get released when the Switch takes the stage later this month.