Nintendo Switch: One SIM Slot Away From Ultimate Glory

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Love it or hate it, the all-new Nintendo Switch is a gaming machine that is in its own league as the console puts an extra emphasis on unique gameplay experience rather than focusing on being technically superior to other gaming systems out there.

The Switch is truly special as it can function as a docked gaming console at home or a mobile handheld gaming system like the Nintendo 3DS. What’s best about it is that the Switch can also support mouse and keyboard in either form, thus expanding the ways you can play games on the system.

The Switch is easily the best all-rounder game-focused machine out there and we can’t help but imagine how things will be like if the console can support a SIM card. Such an offering will not only turn the Switch into the ultimate all-in-one machine but it will also open the doors to new possibilities in the gaming realm.

A SIM card slot can introduce Android OS booting option which can allow the gamers to access the games available on the Play Store. It is an exciting thought and we feel that Nintendo is working towards it in the future to come.