Nintendo Switch Price Laughs Off PS4, Xbox One

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We are days away from the official debut of Switch and we can’t wait to learn everything about the next-gen gaming system from Nintendo. The unveiling of the Switch will see Nintendo talking about its features and the price of the gaming system.

The latter, in particular, is something which gamers have been trying to predict but they can’t get put a finger on it. That was the case until last week when a major retailer started taking in pre-orders for the Switch with a guaranteed price of $198.50. The pre-order got the rumours claiming that the Switch will retail at $199 when released.

Today, a new report from credible source, Nikkei, shared that the Switch will retail at $215. While the official pricing figures are not out yet, these sources mentioned above strongly suggests that the Switch won’t cost more than $250.

It is a safe bet to think that way and if it is true, then the Switch will be a lot cheaper to own than both the PS4 and Xbox One. This can give the Wii U replacement that added advantage on the sales front.