Nintendo Switch Priced To Confuse For Pre-Orders

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The Switch is the next-gen gaming console to come from Nintendo and it is projected to get released later this month. We already know that the Switch will be a hybrid gaming system but what we don’t know is the price of the gaming system.

This is one question that many are desperate for answers and the pre-orders are not helping when they quoted their estimated price for the Switch.

In detail, several major retailers have been taking in orders for the Switch and the price varies across all of them. GameSeek started things off when they quoted £198.50 for the Switch and this is followed by Argos which quoted £299.99. Over in Ireland, however, the quoted price is at a peak point of £425.

Sure, the prices may just be a placeholder but it does not help in easing the process of predicting the official price for the Switch. The price differences are huge between each retailer and this makes the situation all the more confusing.

Guess it is best to wait until the Switch launching event taking place later this month.