Nintendo Switch’s Skyrim Can’t Hold A Candle To Skyrim VR!

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The Nintendo Switch is selling at a rapid pace and it gets more interesting when you realized that Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is the second bestselling game on the platform.

The massive RPG title from Bethesda is already 6 years of age today but that is not preventing the game from leaping into success on the Switch. Things are certainly looking great for the new console from Nintendo, until today when a report confirmed that Switch’s Skyrim is not the craze at the moment.

This title belongs to Skyrim VR, or also known as Skyrim Virtual Reality. The VR version of Skyrim was introduced to the world earlier this year and the British sales charts have shown that more consumers have purchased Skyrim VR than Skyrim on the Switch.

That statement alone has made it difficult for us to imagine on the number of gamers with a VR system and Skyrim VR on-board. It is also crazy to see that the numbers have grown significantly since Skyrim VR landed on the Sony PSVR.

Perhaps most people see the switch version as buying Skyrim yet again on another platform, but Skyrim VR is at least different enough of an experience to warrant repurchasing. The lack of AAA VR games is also a consideration which Skyrim can fill.