Nintendo Wii U Now Living In Switch Shadows!

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It is official. The Switch is now Nintendo’s bestselling console of all-time as it has surpassed the sales figures of the Wii U in the pace of 10 months.

This achievement was greatly anticipated by market watchers especially since the Switch has been moving at a rapid pace. But when scoping into this accomplishment, it gets more amazing when you realized that the bestselling title on the Switch has also outsold the best game on the Wii U.

In case you are unaware, Mario Kart 8 was the most purchased game on the Wii U with 8.4 million copies sold. This number has been beaten by Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch with 9.07 million copies sold.

The record-breaking streak which the Switch does not look like ending anytime soon and we can’t imagine how things will be like when the console gets into its mid-life refresh.