No Man’s Sky: A Year On With No Gameplay Improvements

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It is almost a year since Hello Games launched No Man’s Sky and the controversial game has continued to remain active in the market. Despite not living up to the expectations of the masses, No Man’s Sky has never stopped receiving support from Hello Games.

We have seen the developer releasing a lot of patches and new contents to No Man’s Sky but they never really managed to make big improvements to the gaming experience.

The biggest problem with these updates is none of them address the poor core gameplay loop that is decidedly not fun. One example is with the latest Pathfinder update. The DLC comes with the ability to make and share “race tracks” so you can challenge others to beat your time. This is something which players are not interested in

In short, No Man’s Sky experienced no gameplay improvements. All it has is more contents that have little positives on the game. It is a dead title that should not have happened and we can’t see how this will aid Hello Games in the future.