No Man’s Sky: Walking Titan DLC Won’t Bring An Uplift!

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No Man’s Sky is a controversial title that was launched last year and it is still a poorly rated game today. Despite getting a lot of DLCs in its first active year, the gameplay aspects of No Man’s Sky are still very poor hence we are not hopeful for the upcoming DLC, Walking Titan.

The upcoming content pack is quoted by Hello Games to be the biggest of them all and it is projected to arrive later this month. Hello Games may have made some big promises with Walking Dead DLC but seeing that they have failed to improve things in No Man’s Sky in one whole year, it is best to not expect much from the upcoming DLC.

Walking Titan DLC may offer plenty of new things in No Man’s Sky but it will not fix the underwhelming gameplay experience.

But of course, we will still wait on and see what Walking Titan will bring into No Man’s Sky before we can give our final verdict on the game.