Obsidian Drops Mysterious Hint On Fallout: New Vegas 2

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Ask the Fallout lovers about which title in the series is able to offer the best experience and the vast majority will answer Fallout New Vegas. The game which was developed by Obsidian instead of Bethesda achieved greater ratings when compared to every other Fallout title – including Fallout 4.

This is something which fans would love to see more of, especially from Obsidion. Well, if you are among them, we have got some great news for you. Fallout New Vegas 2 may just be in development after all.

Several industry insiders with a superb track record with their findings have confirmed that New Vegas 2 is being worked on by Obsidian as we speak but the name and location of the game is yet to be finalized. Even Obsidian sent out a cryptic Tweet which hints on the development of a huge new game.

As of today, there has yet to be any specific mentioning of New Vegas 2 despite all the signs that have been surfacing in recent weeks. Because of this, we would advise you to take it with a grain of salt and this is unless you can crack the cryptic code from Obsidian embedded below.