Obsidian Mystery IP May Get Bloodlines Vibe!

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It is official. Obsidian is developing a brand new IP and the confirmation was made via Twitter. The details on the game are unknown at the moment but if you are to look at Obsidian’s past products, there is a pattern going which can give us a rough idea on what is in the works.

Most of the games developed by Obsidian carries an RPG theme hence there is a huge chance for the next IP to adopt the genre. Also, Obsidian has teased before that they have been messing around with some steampunk ideas and this implies that the environment in the game will have a modern day settings. It is either that or a sci-fi themed RPG.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Obsidian has been relying on Paradox to publish their recent games. Paradox owns the rights to Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines.

We are not expecting another ‘blood-sucking’ IP to be in the works but seeing that the project director for Bloodlines, Leonard Boyarsky, has left Blizzard recently for Obsidian, we can expect the IP to have a similar feel to Bloodlines.

But of course, this is just our prediction. We would love to hear your prediction on the IP which Obsidian is working on. Just don’t say Fallout.