Okami HD Adds More Cliché With Launch Date

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Okami HD is one of the best rated action-adventure video game from 2007 and it is about to make its re-entry in the market later this year. Capcom has confirmed that they will be launching a remake of Okami HD and the game will be available on every major platform.

Today, Capcom made an official announcement on when Okami HD will be available for purchase and they cited the date December 12, 2017. We can’t help to see this as a massive cliché since the game’s plot puts the scope on Chinese Zodiacs and there are a total of 12 zodiacs.

Well, this is a cliché we can accept with ease because it is one that is unique to Okami HD. The original title was launched ten years ago and we can’t wait to see how the game will look like on newer generation systems.

You can check out Okami HD’s trailer below: