Outlast 2 Banned For Being Too Offensive

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Australia is a country that has been cracking down on many things – ranging from cars to video games. We have talked about how Corvettes are not allowed in the country due to its badge and now, we have received word that gamers in the country won’t get to play Outlast 2.

The regulators in Australia quoted that Outlast 2 comes with several materials of sexual violence and the extreme graphics are too horrific to receive an approval in the Land Down Under. This means that Outlast 2 won’t be coming to Australia when it debuts globally next month.

In detail, Australian authorities mentioned that there is a scene where the character Blake is hallucinating and that is when some implications of rape can be noticed in the game. The level of sexual violence is far too extreme hence the ban on Outlast 2.

The horror title is something hair-raising fans can’t wait for but if they are living in Australia, they won’t be getting a chance at the game.