Outlast 2 Can Hurt Resident Evil 7, Here’s Why

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Outlast 2 is the next major title multiplatform game from Red Barrel and it is expected to debut somewhere during Halloween this year. Today, a gameplay footage of Outlast 2 surfaced online and it hints on the title to be scary.

The footage can be seen at the end of this article and it has a lot of mysterious yet sinister vibe about it. The 4 minute clip is also full of suspense and this is not surprising since the protagonist is being hunted down by psychopaths.

Think of it like HItman but without the skills and finesse of a super spy. Instead, you are weapon-less and afraid. Outlast 2 will be hoping to give every gamer a big fright when released and this is something which the Resident Evil series couldn’t offer in recent years.

Capcom has promised to bring back horror in Resident Evil 7 but if they failed to do so, horror fans can look forward for some hair-raising fun on Outlast 2.