Persona 5 Boosted With GOTY Award!

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Persona 5 is easily the most popular JRPG title in the world right now and this is despite of the title being a Sony PS4-exclusive title. The game was launched on the PS4 back in September of 2016 but that didn’t stop several gaming outlets from naming Persona 5 as the 2017 Game of the Year.

Among them is Dualshockers – a PS4-focussed gaming magazine. Dualshockers waited until the second day of 2018 to announce on their champion in 2017 and it happens to be Persona 5.

Some would say that this is an unfair pick because Persona 5 is a game from 2016 hence it shouldn’t be qualified for 2017. Well, we don’t see why this matter because Persona 5 offers extremely long gameplay hours hence the reviewers will require a long time to give the game a grade.

If you have yet to play Persona 5, be prepared to spend countless hours on the game. There’s just so many things to do in Persona 5 that the game can keep you occupied for an entire year if you are a light gamer.