PlayerUnknown’s Battleground: China Sends Game On A Free Fall

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Every good thing has an end and some ends arrive much sooner than expected. This can be seen with the hit game title, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

Also known as PUBG, the game created new records on the number of active players at a single time on Steam following its debut but this is no longer the case today.

It was discovered that players are abandoning PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and this is caused by the recent changes made to the game. After enjoying a strong start, the developers started putting in ads in PUBG and gamers are required to pay £27.

The killer blow is with the ads being targeted primarily at the Chinese players. The ads are in full Chinese language and its repetitive cycle has somehow ruined the gameplay experience for the folks that have abandoned PUBG.

It is a worrying sight as the rate of players leaving PUBG is at a rapid pace and it may lead to the developers rethinking their strategy. This is unless their China target hits the mark which would mean not needing to change anything.