Pokemon Sun & Moon Cracks Nintendo’s UK Record

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If there is one thing Nintendo can be proud of, it is the Pokemon franchise. The Pokemon gaming series that is developed by Game Freak has never stopped breaking records and the same can be said for the latest title, Pokemon Sun & Moon.

It was reported earlier today that Pokemon Sun & Moon has smashed all previous Nintendo-related record when it accumulated the most launch day sales in the UK. The exact sales figures are not revealed by the chart tracker quoted it to be more than what the Wii Fit achieved in two days.

Wii Fit was a global bestseller on launch day and the fact that Pokemon Sun & Moon managed to outdo it means that it is way more popular than ever.

Even so, Nintendo is still looking forward to 2017 as next year will see sales reaching new heights for Pokemon Sun & Moon. The game is confirmed to get ported over to the Nintendo Switch and we can expect some sales multiplier going about in that period of time.