Pokemon Sun & Moon Has Been Great For Nintendo Switch

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We don’t know if it was carefully planned by Nintendo but the timing of Pokemon Sun & Moon’s release cannot be any more perfect.

Pokemon Sun & Moon arrived a couple of weeks ago and it has boosted sales of the Nintendo 3DS. It is surprising because we are several months away from the official release of Nintendo Switch and the next-gen console is confirmed to receive a ported version of Pokemon Sun & Moon.

The popularity of the Pokemon franchise is just so huge that it got many Poke fans purchasing the 3DS just to play Sun & Moon. They can choose to wait for the Switch’s version of the game but they did not do so.

With the 3DS gathering more sales than ever thanks to Pokemon Sun & Moon, we can say that the pressure on the Switch to impress is no longer existent. But of course, this should not be a sign for Nintendo to be complacent.