Pokemon Sun & Moon: Setting The Platform For VR?

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Pokemon Sun & Moon is the newest game in town and it is currently the bestselling title around. The sequel to X & Y may not be too different to its predecessor in terms of gameplay elements but its new plot and new list of Pokemon turned it into a craze today.

One other thing that made Pokemon Sun & Moon extra special is with the game’s graphics. Like previous Pokemon titles, Sun & Moon don’t demand insane graphics but the way Sun & Moon is designed makes it more realistic than Pokemon X & Y.

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The image above shows the graphic differences between Sun & Moon and X & Y and you can see that Game Freak has fixed the animatic large heads. The characters in Sun & Moon offer better proportions which enhances the elements of simulation.

Speaking of which, Pokemon Sun & Moon is expected to get ported over to Nintendo Switch. At this rate, we can look forward to seeing Sun & Moon being compatible with a VR headset.