Pokemon Sun & Moon Successor Confirmation Outshines E3

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If there is one established name in the gaming industry that can instantly take the attention of the world, it is Pokemon. This can be seen earlier today when a Tweet from Nintendo that confirms on the development of the next Pokemon game gained more attention than the ongoing E3 event.

Yes you read that right. It was reported that more people viewed the Tweet than viewing E3. It gets more exciting when you realized that the next Pokemon game will be made for the Switch.

As how you can see above, the next Pokemon game is likely to be the successor to Pokemon Sun & Moon. While the developers are still thinking of a title for the game, they already made it known that the future sequel will offer an RPG experience like no other.

If so, could we finally be seeing a Pokemon RPG title that will offer a massive open world experience like how it was rumored several year ago?