Prey 2: Sequel Allegedly Receives Board Approval

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Back in May this year, Arkane Studios launched a brand new IP called Prey. The sci-fi themed first-person shooter gradually made a name for itself as it offers a fun experience that nobody expected.

Those that have played Prey will definitely agree when we say that the title is the Dark Horse of 2017 because it is not an established gaming brand but it offers a high level of fun.

This is perhaps the reason why new reports have surfaced claiming that Bethesda has approved Arkane Studio’s call to develop a sequel. The word is that Arkane already has Prey 2’s blueprint ready and this has been given the thumbs up from Bethesda.

This is some exiting stuff from Arkane if it is to be true. The unfortunate bit here is that the above is based on unconfirmed reports hence you should take it with a grain of salt.