[Proof] Star Wars Battlefront 2 Is Pay To Win!

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a day away from getting released globally and regardless of how exciting the game sound, you may want to stay away from purchasing the game on launch day.

Sure, Battlefront 2 Beta has confirmed that the game looks very good and can be very fun to play but the experience in the final product is bound to be negative due to the boat-load of microtransactions, loot boxes and paid crates in the game.

Today, an individual got early access in Star Wars Battlefront 2 and he recorded his playthrough to highlight on the poor prospects of the multiplayer mode. The lad pointed out that the in-game crates can offer players straight up damage and ability buffs.

This means that those that has acquired the crates will get a strong advantage in a matchup and it gets worst when you realize that the crates are all purchasable with real money. As such, it is right to say that you can pay to win every game in Battlefront 2 which can totally ruin the entire experience.