PS4 Players Still Whining Despite Beating Xbox In Exclusives!

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It seems that things aren’t always sunny in the world of Sony PS4 and this is despite of the fact that the console has killed the competition with its powerful hardwares as well as sales figures.

It is something that is difficult to comprehend, especially when, the PS4 brags a total of 13 AAA exclusive games which makes it impossible for rival consoles to compete with it. So why are there still bitter days on the PS4?

In case you are unaware, millions of PS4 gamers have expressed their discontent on social media when they learned that Microsoft has scored the biggest exclusive deal around.

They are actually referring to Mass Effect Andromeda, which is the next big game to come from Bioware. The title is scheduled to arrive mid this year but Xbox players with an EA Access account can get an 11 hour head start in the game.

It is a pretty short timed exclusive but this is more than enough to leave the PS4’s Mass Effect fans whining on the internet.