PSVR Gets Vote Of Confidence From Fallout 4!

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A new gaming product is always launched together with a popular title to boost its sales prospects. Some examples include the Pokemon series for Nintendo, the Halo series for Microsoft Xbox and the Uncharted franchise for the Sony PS4.

Because of this, Sony is now looking for a massive launching title that can really give the PSVR huge publicity. The reality headset is already available today but it has yet to go full throttle in sales.

Well, Sony prayers look like it is getting answered as the PSVR can call upon Bethesda to get a wider market reach. Bethesda revealed earlier today that they want to turn Fallout 4 VR that was previewed at the last E3 into a full-scale title.

The game is expected to arrive somewhere in 2018 and its popularity can really give the PSVR a big boost. But of course, this is provided that Sony is able to secure an exclusivity deal with Bethesda to promote the PSVR together with Fallout 4 VR.