PSVR Hoping For Big Boost From Fallout 4!

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Sony must have been praying hard for game developers to hasten the development of a full blown virtual reality game and this is so that they can seal an exclusivity deal that can help promote their all-new virtual reality headset, the PSVR.

Well, Sony’s prayers look like it is getting answered as Bethesda has expressed its great desire to turn Fallout 4 into a simulation rather than an ordinary RPG. Bethesda revealed that they feel it is possible to play Fallout 4 like the player is in the Wasteland and the technology available today can make it happen.

Bethesda confirms their dedication to Fallout 4 VR and they want it to happen. The game developer knows that it won’t be an easy process to convert Fallout 4 VR from being just a game into a full simulation hence it will be a long while before Fallout 4 VR can turn into a reality.

But when it arrives, do expect Sony to make the first move in sealing an exclusive deal with the game developer and this is so that they can promote the PSVR.