PUBG Is On The Path Of Extinction!

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Playerunknown’s Battleground is a battle royale-themed shooter title that got famous last year and it saw millions of gamers worldwide adopting the game. But despite the success of PUBG, the game is unlikely to have any place in the market around this time next year.

Such a prediction was made by major gaming magazines and this is after several controversies surrounding PUBG. On the gameplay side of things, players are abandoning the game due to bugs, poor connectivity, unregulated cheaters, and an insulting loot system.

If that is not bad enough, a data was released online yesterday quoting that about half of PUBG’s player count from January 2018 has ditched the game today.

The worst bit of them all is with the lawsuit which PUBG has filed against Epic Games. The lawsuit is favouring a big win for Epic Games and it may potentially cause PUBG to lose its license thus getting pulled out of the market entirely.

With such issues at hand, PUBG is highly likely to go extinct next year and this will certainly be wasteful for those that have paid for the game.