PUBG Launches Attack On Steam Market With Trade Block!

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PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, or PUBG for short, is a massive online multiplayer battle royale shooter title that offers players more than just bragging rights in the community.

Like how it is with other MMOs, PUBG tend to reward players with exclusive skins and these have since been abused by a section of the crowd to make an extra dime. PUBG skins are actively being traded on several markets online and this includes Steam.

Theirs is nothing wrong with such practices until the developers realized that a large number of individuals have been abusing it by taking items from banned accounts to earn money.

To curb this practice from spreading further, the developers have implemented a ban on personal item trades on Steam. If you are an honest merchant that is badly affected by this, you should rest easy as the ban is only temporary. PUBG will be announcing on their next course of action in the near future.