PUBG: Sony PS4 Delays May Be Much Longer Than Anticipated

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The instant success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has turned the game into the most sought after title on all platforms but unfortunately for gamers on the Sony PlayStation 4, the title is only available on the Xbox One and the PC.

While still uncertain, many reviewers believe that PUBG is a Microsoft-exclusive game. It completely contradicts with the leaks surrounding the title which suggests that Bluehole Studio is looking into turning PUBG into a multiplatform title.

The leaks further suggested that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may arrive as early as Q2 2018 but an insider report revealed that this is not accurate at all. The report quoted that the earliest possible release date for PUBG on the PS4 is in 2019.

If the report is accurate, then it would mean a lengthy waiting time for PS4 gamers to wait for PUBG on their platform. The only good news here is that nothing is for certain yet and we are pending to hear from Bluehole Studio on the subject.