Red Dead Redemption 2 Confirmed: Not Made For Single Players?

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Okay. So the entire gaming industry is in full excitement after checking out the Tweet from Rockstar that confirms Red Dead Redemption 2 is in development. But those excitements quickly turned into fear for some of the Red Dead Redemption fans as the sequel may not have an exciting single player mode.

If you have been following all the latest products from Rockstar, the game developer has completely changed their methods in 2016. Instead of being a game developer that is famous for its single player story mode in games, Rockstar is now more interested in producing addictive multiplayer titles.

This is already in motion for Red Dead Redemption 2 after Take Two registered a domain for Red Dead Online. It seems to us like Rockstar is trying to replicate the multiplayer success of GTA 5 on Red Dead Redemption 2. The worrying thing about this is that Rockstar may get too caught up with multiplayer mode that they will just be lazy for the single player mode.

But then again, this is Rockstar we are talking about. The game developer may have a couple of sour moments but their games rarely disappoints. Let’s hope Red Dead Redemption 2 can offer a well-balanced amount of fun in both single player mode and multiplayer mode.