Red Dead Redemption 2 Could Arrive Early October 2017

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is the next big game to come from Rockstar and it promises an impactful debut like GTA 5.

Rockstar confirmed that they are working on Red Dead Redemption 2 but they never managed to offer an exact release date for the game. The closest thing we have is a tease which strongly points to Q3 this year.

That was the case until today when industry insiders all agreed that October will be the month where Rockstar launches Red Dead Redemption 2.

This was followed by an internal document which got leaked online and it stated October 2.

While leaks and rumours should be taken with a grain of salt, the above is a plausible outcome and it may just come true. After all, there is no bigger clue to Red Dead Redemption 2’s arrival than what is stated above.