Red Dead Redemption 2: Negatively Affecting PUBG!

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If multiplayer-online FPS is not extreme enough, you will be glad to know that more game developers are venturing into battle royal simulations through video games and the biggest name in the market at the moment is Playerunknown’s Battleground.

PUBG basically proved to the world that there is a massive demand for an open-world area where a large number of players can go and kill each other to become the ultimate survivor.

Well, the battle royal concept is now being picked up by more game developers but one particular company surprised us the most. It is Rockstar and their rumoured plans to introduce a western-themed battle royal in the deserts of Red Dead Redemption 2. The battle royal mode will act as the game’s multiplayer mode and it will give Red Dead Redemption 2 a unique finish.

The idea of having two different game types wrapped in a single title may sound absurd but it is not impossible for Rockstar to pull it off. We have seen a linear game like Call of Duty Black Ops coming with a zombie mode hence it won’t be a problem to have a battle royal setup in the Wild West.

If it does come true, then PUBG may have got a problem in their hands because Rockstar has a great track record for being the most popular game developer around. Should Red Dead Redemption 2 end up being a success, PUBG may lose a large chunk of their gamer base.