Red Faction Remastered Can Get Good Sequels

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About 17 years ago, THQ pulled off a massive stunner on the gaming industry through the release of Red Faction. The FPS title became and instant hit at that period of time and it even provided Half Life with some serious competition.

But due to unknown reasons, Red Faction never managed to get a worthy sequel following Guerrilla and fans cannot be more upset for it. Well, that may change in the future and this is after THQ Nordic confirmed on Red Faction Guerrilla Remastered.

THQ brought out a teaser trailer for Red Faction Guerrilla Remastered yesterday and it confirms that the franchise will get revived later this year. With Red Faction Remastered around, THQ can recreate the success from 2009 and follow it up with a sequel that can give the entire series a good reboot.

But of course, it will all depend on how good Red Faction Guerilla Remastered is going to be. All will be revealed at E3 tomorrow.