Resident Evil 2: Fans Victimized By Lack Of Information

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Resident Evil 2 Remakes are one of the many things which Capcom has teased to be in development but the game developer is still pending to offer a progress update on the game.

The mystery surrounding the fate of Resident Evil 2 has got many speculating that the game is already in the works and it will be making its first unveiling at E3 next month. But of course, speculations are rarely spot on hence you should take this with a grain of salt.

There is just no way to predict on when REmake 2 will get released when Capcom is not offering any progress update on the development front. This has made the gullible fans very vulnerable to getting tricked by prankers and we had just witnessed it again.

About a month ago, a video that is claimed to be the trailer for Resident Evil 2 Remake turned and it left the fans in fury. This is because the clip is nothing more than a joke being played by an individual. Perhaps if Capcom is to be more transparent regarding REmake 2, this wouldn’t have happened.