Resident Evil 2 Remake: Evil Trailer Leaves Fans Fuming

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For months already, we have been hearing about Resident Evil 2 being linked to getting a Remastered edition coming out on the Sony PS4. Capcom has acknowledged the rumors but the fact that they never denied it means that Resident Evil 2 Remastered may just come true. The only question is when?

This is something which many are interested to know more about so when a Resident Evil 2 Remake trailer suddenly surfaced last month, many were quick to give it a view. The problem with this is that the huge hype surrounding Resident Evil 2 Remake has blinded the masses from looking at the date which the trailer was released.

This is an issue because the trailer surfaced on April first and it ended up being a fan-made prank aimed at the gullible Resident Evil lovers. The trailer got the Resident Evil lovers fuming in rage as they are not pleased with getting tricked like that. If you have yet to check out Resident Evil 2 Remake Trailer, you can check it out below.