Resident Evil 2 ‘REmake’: Haunting Trailer Left Fans Crippled

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About 5 years ago on April 1st, one individual created a trailer for Resident Evil 2 Remake and it managed to fool a lot of Resident Evil fans. This cannot be helped as the trailer is nothing more than a prank made for April Fool’s day.

Today, it looks like the very same trailer has returned to haunt the Resident Evil lovers after several fans raised complaints about the clip on major gaming forums. What’s funny about it is that some of the fans fell for the prank twice due to their strong hopes in seeing Capcom launching Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Also dubbed as REmake 2, the game has been teased to be in development but the lack of progress report has left the gullible fans vulnerable to getting fooled. Because of this, we have taken the initiative to share the clip with you so that you won’t fall for the prank again. Fingers crossed.