Resident Evil 2 ‘REmake’ Lost Trailer Creates 5 Years’ Worth Of Fury

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Back in 2012, an anonymous person pulled a massive prank on the Resident Evil fans when he released a created a trailer for Resident Evil 2 Remake. The trailer was released on April 1 which makes it obviously means it is a joke but the majority of the fans failed to keep their guards up.

This cannot be helped as back then, there was a great cry for a remake of an old Resident Evil game. Well, the same can be said today, especially when Capcom has opened up to the idea of developing a remake of an old Resident Evil title.

The news got many Resident Evil lovers scouring the internet for clues and that is when they stumbled upon the old prank video. Funny enough, some fans actually fell for the same prank twice and their fury was unleased on the video’s comment section.

So if you have yet to see the clip or are hoping to not fall for the prank, we have embedded Resident Evil 2 trailer below for your viewing.