Resident Evil 2 Remake Trailer Gets Zero Backing From Capcom

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Capcom is a widely loved game developer and this is mostly because of the Resident Evil Series. This was proven again when they launched Resident Evil 7 which later turned into a bestselling title. For the Resident Evil fans, they are hungry for more action and they are looking at Resident Evil 2.

Capcom has teased before that they may recreate Resident Evil 2 for the new generation consoles and this is so that the fans can enjoy a more satisfying experience of the game. The only problem with this is that Capcom is not providing any progress report and this leaves the gullible fans in a vulnerable state.

It didn’t take long for these fans to get preyed on by prankers as they fell for a Resident Evil 2 Remake trailer in the most obvious of all days, April Fools. The trailer came with the caption REmake 2 and it immediately got many forgetting about April first.

Some victims pushed the blame on Capcom for failing to be transparent with the remake’s development but all we prefer to see it as their own fault. If you are curious on the trailer they witnessed, the clip is embedded below.