Resident Evil 2 Remake Trailer Left Fans Cursing

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Remakes are turning into a huge trend in the gaming industry and this is because of the aging players showing great desire to play an old IP with current generation technicalities. Among the most sought after remake is Resident Evil 2 and Capcom has opened up the idea of developing it.

However, the fate of Resident Evil 2 Remake still remains uncertain as Capcom has yet to offer any official update on the subject. So when a Resident Evil 2 Remake trailer started circulating online at the start of this month, fans can’t help but to give it a watch. The outcome of it is the loud complaints being made by the fans.

This cannot be helped as the trailer is nothing more than a prank played on April Fool’s day. The trailer was so good that we feel it deserves to be remembered for a long time. Gone are the days where only Half Life 3 jokes are the only best ones on April Fool’s day.

If you have not catch the trailer, you can do so by clicking on play in the video below.