Resident Evil 2 ‘REmake’: Woeful Trailer Revisited

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Sometimes, you may wish for something so bad that you tend to believe everything you see. This is exactly what happened to us back in 2012 when a prank trailer about Resident Evil 2 Remake surfaced online and it left us in fury.

The funny thing is that last year saw Capcom opening up to the idea of re-creating old Resident Evil titles and it created a lot of speculations for REmake 2. But then again, Capcom didn’t offer an official confirmation on the matter hence we can’t be certain about REmake 2 just yet.

Even so, our hopes blinded us on YouTube and it led us to watch the old prank from 2012 all over again. No pranks in the gaming industry have managed to fool us twice and Resident Evil 2 did just that. As such, we have decided to dedicate this piece by warning you about the prank. It is best you view the fan-made trailer below for a good look at the joke.