Resident Evil 7: Beware Of Crazy Nightmare With Familiar Bosses?

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Resident Evil 7 is the next major game to come from Capcom and we cannot be any more excited for it. This is because of the Resident Evil 7 Demo, which was able to convince us that the upcoming title is going to be both terrifying and fun to play.

The last time Capcom spoke about Resident Evil 7, they teased on some familiar sequences coming into the game and they will all be frightening. It got us wondering on what Capcom could be referring to.

The way we see it, the game developer may be bringing back some old villains into Resident Evil 7. They will do so in a creative manner like a dream or flashback so that it won’t ruin the game’s storyline. The dream will see some images of past foes and they will suddenly turn into secret boss fights.

It is an exciting idea and one that we are hoping for it to be true. If it does turn out as speculated, we are hoping for a face-off with Nemesis and William Birkins. What about you?