Resident Evil 7 Demo Is Actually Resident Evil 6.5!

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Yesterday, at E3, Capcom released big information on Resident Evil 7. The sequel is projected to arrive in January next year and it will come with a brand new gameplay experience to offer.

Capcom didn’t say much as they chose to let the demo for Resident Evil 7 do the talking. The demo was launched yesterday on the Sony PS4 and players on the PS Network can download it.

Those that have downloaded were overwhelmed by the amount of suspense and new gameplay mechanics in Resident Evil 7. Capcom did reveal that Resident Evil 7 will continue on the adventures in Resident Evil 6 but in the demo, there were zero memories of Resident Evil 6. Instead, players found a mysterious man on a wheelchair as well as several ways to complete the demo.

Today, Capcom went back on stage to reveal that the demo has nothing to do with Resident Evil 7 at all. As you can see here, Capcom merely developed a separate demo to show players on the new gameplay system that will be the way for Resident Evil 7.

Perhaps, Capcom should be clearer about it by calling the demo Resident Evil 6.5. Wouldn’t you agree?