Resident Evil 7 Demo Is Not The Actual Game?

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There is a lot of mystery surrounding Resident Evil 7 and the game’s demo that was demonstrated at E3 last month didn’t help clear the air one bit. Today, gamers can already download the demo but they won’t find any useful information about the full Resident Evil 7 game in it.

According to the new reports surrounding Resident Evil 7, it appears that Capcom never intended to tease on anything in the game’s demo. The sneak preview is nothing more than a separate title that is used to demonstrate the new features coming to Resident Evil 7.

In other words, there is practically nothing to achieve in the demo as it has nothing to do with Resident Evil 7. The preview was made to offer the fans a feel of Resident Evil 7.

So if you are still wondering what Resident Evil 7’s plot will be about, you will have to wait for the game to get released. That is expected to happen somewhere in Q1 next year and we can’t wati for it.