Resident Evil 7: DLC Suffers A Delay, No Calamity In Sight

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Resident Evil 7 experienced a couple of delays prior to its arrival and it resulted in many getting impatient for the game. But then again, all was immediately forgiven as Resident Evil 7 offered a gameplay experience like no other.

Today, Resident Evil 7 is named as one of the most actively played games right now and the huge fanbase can’t wait to enjoy more content in the upcoming Not A Hero DLC. The only problem with this is that the upcoming DLC has apparently suffered a delay in development.

Capcom confirmed on the delay earlier today but the fans don’t seem to be bothered by it. This cannot be helped as the success of Resident Evil 7 has given the fans confidence that the delay is for the best of the DLC.

Even Capcom said so when they remarked “What we made isn’t as good as our fans deserve, so we’re gonna make it better.”

This statement is rated to be the best for any game-related delays and the fans cannot be any more pleased by it.