Resident Evil 7: Dynamic Duo Of The Dead Can Cement Horror

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After playing the demo for Resident Evil 7, we are expecting the full game to be very dark and mysterious. The atmosphere in the Demo is just so grimy and it promises a terrifying experience in Resident Evil 7.

This is great for us as we have been wishing for the Resident Evil series to return to its horror roots. Now, if Capcom is in need of the perfect horror plan, our idea is for the game developer to look back into the past instead of the future.

Our idea would be for Capcom to find a creative way to revive and bring back Nemesis and William Birkins. Both villains can act as surprise boss fights and it will definitely cement Resident Evil 7’s horror status. After all, the duo gave us a huge fright back in the old Resident Evil games.

But of course, this is just our idea for Resident Evil 7. We would love to hear your thoughts on it?