Resident Evil 7: History Can Enhance Mystery!

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Resident Evil 7 is the next big game to come from Capcom and many can’t wait for it to get released. Due to arrive in Q1 next year, Resident Evil 7 promises to offer a frightening gameplay experience – something which the series has been missing out on since Resident Evil 4.

Knowing that the Resident Evil Series is developed with some strong influence from Japanese animes, we are hoping for some intimidating flashbacks in Resident Evil 7. The game should offer some glimpses of the past and it should be playable instead of just being a cutscene.

Such an implementation can open up the doors to new possibilities like bringing back some characters from the past. Our idea is to offer a secret boss fight with William Birkins and Nemesis through a flashback moment in Resident Evil 7. It will deeply enhance the horror experience which the game promises to offer.

But of course, the above is just an idea and it may or may not get picked up by Capcom. Either way, we are still excited for Resident Evil 7 and can’t wait to get our hands on the game.